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Q Who is ideas translated and what is your history?

A ideas translated represents the efforts of its Chief Director, Ricardo Dannemann, a native Brazilian translator, who lived in the UK for more than nine years. His experience as a translator dates back from 1991, when he started to translate scientific papers into English. ideas translated's Web presence started in March, 2003, as a logical continuation to the solid experience acquired throughout 13 years of specialised translation work. Top of page

Q How can you guarantee you will convey appropriately the information contained in our material in Portuguese?

A Since our relationship will be direct, we will always endeavour to meet your requirements, from the earliest steps of the briefing process to the last adjustments before delivery. It is our objective to keep unchanged in the translated version the meaning and tone of the original text. Top of page

Q Would there be any difference if we ordered translation of our material into either the Iberian or the Brazilian variant of Portuguese? And will you accept any assignments into Iberian Portuguese?

A The differences between the two variants are so substantial that we only feel comfortable translating into the Brazilian variant of Portuguese. We could refer your project to native Portuguese colleagues, who would be able to translate it to the best native standards.Top of page

Q How can I attest to the validity of the testimonials given in your homepage?

A These testimonials represent in a simple way some of the success stories we have been responsible for. We are sure you will appreciate that there are always some extra qualities involved in attaining such success with our clients, which go beyond our translation talents. We must also make sure to dedicate some effort on the day-to-day liaison with our clients. However, if you feel unsure about our qualification and experience claims, it is always possible to check our references directly with the clients outlined in this homepage, upon request.Top of page

Q How do you justify contracting your work as opposed to the freely available machine translations, offered by so many Websites?

A Work done by human translators at ideas translated goes much further than the simple word-for-word translation of target-language equivalents. If we can not compete in speed with machine translation, we can excel in accuracy, detail and appropriateness to varied contexts. This is because we must always resort to our linguistic sensitivity, both in English and in Portuguese, to creativity without losing track of logic and common sense, to attention to detail and to considerable research skills, which took us some years to hone. And, more importantly, we always proofread our work and revise it accordingly, which is a practice not followed by any machine translation algorithm. What we always aim for is a clear and effortless reading experience in the target-language.Top of page

Q What is the best way to contact ideas translated?

A Priority will be given to all enquiries and quote requests sent by e-mail or fax.Top of page

Q Why is it preferable to hand in material that has already been treated for localization issues?

A As the measurement units, date formats, and currency formats, to give three very simple examples, which can be found in the English-speaking world differ from the ones in Brazil, all these must be converted to their culturally acceptable counterparts. We should evaluate the nature of the original material to be translated, in order to assess the costs involving adapting all these cultural identifiers.Top of page

Q What quality assurance (QA) procedures are offered with your services?

A The recommended proofreading and editing of the translated material by an independent linguist guarantee the expected high level of linguistic quality in the final translation. ideas translated's team of trusted collaborators are all native translators and will add value to the translator's effort by clarifying some contexts and making sure the most appropriate expressions are used at all times.Top of page

Q Can I perform a back translation of your final output in order to check its accuracy?

A Translating our output back to English would most probably not produce an exact copy of your original text, for the simple reason that the translation solutions we may come up with will often have used different syntactic structures, not found in the original text. Our methods do not normally involve translating word for word because each language has its own characteristics, which we like to respect. However, as implied by our very name, we will make sure your main ideas and concepts are conveyed in Brazilian Portuguese.

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