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Pricing is normally established on a word basis. We will examine your sample material and provide a quote based on the total number of source words to be translated to Brazilian Portuguese.

As every project will be managed by a translator, we can do without the usual personnel and overhead costs and can therefore charge less than most reputable agencies. The translator has more control over the production process and a direct interaction with the client, optimising communication flow.

Wherever possible, computer assisted translation (CAT) technologies will be used to speed up the translation process, which will also draw the prices of any project down. The applicability of CAT to the project will utimately depend on the structure of your source files, which will have to be analysed before we can present a final quote. We presently can accommodate projects that require use of Trados and WordFast, both well-known CAT products.

For even faster turnover, a team of trusted collaborators can be deployed, which makes it possible to attain a more linguistically consistent and less fragmented output in even shorter time.

If you believe ideas translated could be the right company for your translation needs, please use the Contact Form, where you can include information about the translation assignment. We will be glad to answer your enquiries relating to our translation rates and delivery conditions.