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Welcome to ideas translated, where you can obtain quality business translations into Brazilian Portuguese.

To think globally in the technological age involves taking on board the cultural traits of customers in many countries, speaking many different languages. It follows that no globalization project will be effective without the appropriate cultural adaptation of its contents.

As access to and dependency on the Internet continue to grow around the world, the need for multilingual documentation, manuals and Web sites has increased dramatically. Market research firm Allied Business Intelligence Inc. predicts that the worldwide market for translation services will grow to $17.2 billion by 2003. According to IDC, by 2005 more than 70% of the 1 billion Web users around the world will be non-English speakers.

In this Web page, we outline some basic aspects involved in localization projects and explain how we can create a successful linguistic and cultural adaptation of your software and Web content aimed at the Brazilian market. You can be assured of our specialised expertise, which has been built over the past twelve years providing solutions in a single language combination.

Here you will also find details about our technical capabilities and experience, about our commitment to consistent translation methods and processes, and to the prompt delivery of translated material.

The success of your business prospects in the Brazilian market depends on an excellent adaptation of your products, both culturally and linguistically. ideas translated are able to offer these services at a low cost, so that you can extend the usability of your products, and your Website can remain as attractive to the audience in this important market as it is in English.